Shell for Windows

Shell for Windows is a gorgeous program that better your productivity. View of the program can be customized because the software supports schemes. You already have a few of ones. Make unrestricted number of your own schemes easily. You can also adjust transparency and select color for each of menus and disable or enable a menu.The software is ideal program for both who like to work with mouse and keyboard admirer. Filters, shortcuts and useful interface of the software let you launch favorite programs and files without difficulty. This shell interface consists of some menus, every of them does own purpose. All requisite items are collected into single spot. The program structure consists just of some menus which have clear captions.Some menus have section 'Favorites' which lets you store favorite items to facilitate access to them. So in menu 'Files' place into this group folders and files you open frequently. You can create groups of items as well. So create group 'Media' for suitable media software. A few menus do not has section 'Favorites' and put the most used items to high edge of menu. Really helpful feature is shortcuts. Press 'Windows' key and 1th char of menu name to expose the menu. Selection automatically will remove to group 'Filter' where you can find and run than you want to find. 'Statistics' lets you to evaluate how often you run definite item. In some menus such as 'Applications' frequently launched items automatically moved on top position. The more item is launched the higher position it has. This allow you to run files or software rapidly. There are also menus 'Tray' and 'Help' to manage system tray and get program help manual. Similar to menu 'Applications', in menu 'Tray' the most used icons are on top of the list and less popular on bottom. Filter allows to choose an item without mouse.The menu 'Applications' is built to switch between launched programs. Most popular opened elements are lifted on top of ohter. Operating with the Internet give you more gladness because your bookmarks are structured and are always at hand. It is good idia to group your bookmark. Menu 'Search' lets to pass your request directly to Google, Wikipedia or Yahoo searches. Also you can quickly change default browser or create e-mail message. Acting with system utilities and network is more handle.
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 1.16 MB
Version 1.3.0
Operating System Windows, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
System Requirements None