Make a topmost window from your favourite application. No technical skills required. Joupper is a win32 (Windows 7, Windows XP) application. A tool which fix any type of win32 application at the top of the screen in z-order (so called topmost window). You can work now more comfortable with two (or more) windows without minimalizing, adjusting, ordering. Usage: The illustration (in the Joupper window) on the left shows you a thumb tack, on the right shows the tool used for removing it, and the other in the middle is a thumb tack over a window. If you drag the thumb tack with the mouse and drop it over the chosen window, it will fix it (i.e. cd-player, calculator, clock, mail, office) permanently on the top of the screen, uppermost any type of program you are currently using (so called topmost window). If you wish to remove the lock from the fixed window on your screen, simply drag the thumb tack remover and drop it over the fixed window. The thumb tack with a window is for fixing topmost child windows to a topmost main window. With this icon you can select two windows at the same time: one topmost main window and one topmost child window. The topmost child window will be fixed above the topmost main window. A topmost child window will appear as a normal topmost window only when the topmost main window is activated. If the topmost main window is deactivated, the topmost child windows also will be sent to the background. It is like a normal window with modeless dialogs. The unregistered version of Joupper v2.0 has limitations for fixing number of windows, but can lock any type of window. It is FREE for home and non-profit use with this limitations. The commercial use is only for registered users allowed. In this case please register it. The limitations: max. 1 topmost window and max. 2 topmost main window with 1-1 topmost child window. For registered users are the limits higher: max. 10 topmost window and max. 30 topmost main window with 10-10 topmost child window.
Price USD 18
License Free to try
File Size 41.5 kB
Version 2.0
Operating System Windows, Windows XP, Windows 7
System Requirements None