Looking for ADW Launcher 2. 0 early access beta? Opt-in here. https://play. google.com/apps/testing/org. adw. launcherGo to the Google+ community to get hints, help and provide feedback for the beta. https://plus. google.com/u/0/communities/116177841305745642017Use the built-in Help/Feedback form inside Advanced Settings. Highly customizable home replacement application. What's a home replacement application? Is an normal android application that will run when you press your android device's HOME key. It's what usually people know as the "android desktop". What makes ADW different? -It's compatible with android versions from 1. 6 to 4. 1. It's highly customizable, almost in every aspect you can think of. Thousands of skins and themes with support for most popular launcher themes. Mix and match your skins, icons, docks, folders, etc-Configure your applications in unlimited groups and hide unwanted apps. Fast setup screen with fast access to add items or configure everything. Gestures for fast operation (swipe up/down, 2-fingers swipe up/down, pinch in/out, etc) -Configurable Actionbar, similar to android 3. x+ tablet interface. Screens editor to add, remove, swap and resize your desktop screens. Configurable visual desktop indicators. Easy folder tweaking and management, content previews, arrangement, colors, etc. New AppWidget picker for devices running Android 4. 1 and newer. Icons editor to create your own customized shortcuts or edit existing ones-AppWidget resizing-AppWidget backup/restore (only for android 4. 1 and newer) -Customizable applications dock with support for unlimited shortcuts with paginated scroll. Lots of settings to play with: texts, colours, animations, sizes. you should dig in.
License Free
File Size 1.14 MB
Operating System Android