iStorm is an innovative collaboration program that is neither a word processor nor a web browser. With Rendezvous technology, a group of creative people can set up an online collaboration and start being creative immediately. With the elegant one-button user interface, the users will grasp the coordination of the group work-flow in an instant. Without the overbearing buttons, layers upon layers of menu options, and unsolicited "helper" robot, the group will lose no time and concentrate on what's on their minds. During the last decade, all creative programming energy went into developing endless 3D shoot-them-ups and brick-walling corporate interests. Now we claim back the benefits of massively networked environment and apply it to liberate the poet, the humorist, and the scientist in all of us, normal people. Users of all ages are encouraged to try iStorm with friends and find out how much unique talent they've had hidden in them all along. Early adopters of iStorm will get a free update to iStorm 2.0 with "iChalk" and "BabyTeX", an integrated TeX interface for mathematical equations.Among the features of the current version are:Distraction-free One-button interface for creative collaboration of any kind.Zero configuration hassle with Rendezvous technology for LAN.Automatically recognize http links and activate them.Real time update of edited document.Drag and drop jpg, gif, tiff files into the document.Innovative emotion conveying chat module.Scratch Pad to while away.Optional password/connection bouncer feature Intelligent data transmission and update technique (protocol 2.0) Customizable toolbar More robust network functions, server controls Time-stamp functionStrikethrough editingAutomatic version checkingAdded comprehensive pdf version of Help file.
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Operating System Macintosh Mac OS X 10.3 Mac OS X 10.2
System Requirements<li>Mac OS X 10.2 or higher