blinkx is a tool for your Mac that changes the way users interact with all kinds of information. Fundamentally, blinkx understands what you are looking for. blinkx reads what you have on your computer screen and automatically links you to related information - Web sites, the latest news on the Web, even documents and e-mails on your own computer. blinkx toolbar Links you to websites, news articles, products, blogs, video clips, jpegs, MP3s, email and documents on your machine that are related to the content of your active window. The small, unobtrusive blinkx toolbar is displayed at the top of your screen and automatically places relevant information at your fingertips. Whether you are browsing the web, reading a document or writing an email, you are always linked to the information you need! blinkx smart folders Lean back and let smart folders organize your documents for you. blinkx understands the content of your documents and assigns them to folders accordingly. You can choose to assign content to folders explicitly or enjoy the benefits of implicit categorization, allowing blinkx to create and maintain folders for you automatically. blinkx search box Search your desktop or the web for relevant information. Find the documents, email and email attachments that you are looking for on your computer quickly and easily. Avoid the magnitude of irrelevant web results that other search engines inundate you with, and enjoy the relevant results that the conceptual blinkx search provides! blinkx key features Desktop search Split second search for files, emails and email attachments on your computer. Assign indexed content to folders automatically, keeping documents tidy and easily accessible. Auto update whilst typing - lightning fast. Keyword, Boolean and conceptual search. Search of attachments and zips. Toolbar search restriction through text highlighting in the active window. Sorting of local files according to type, title and date. Additional sorting options for email permit sorting by sender, recipient and subject. Optimized use of computer resources during document indexing ensures unimpaired work of other software. Optional fast indexing minimizes initial indexing time to provide quick startup. Automatic and fast indexing of desktop documents: Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel worksheets, Adobe Acrobat documents, HTML pages, Text documents, Mail emails and attachments. Search all popular multimedia formats such as MP3, AIFF, MPEG, QuickTime Mov, TIFF, GIF, JPEG, and BMP. Automatic immediate indexing of new files ensures the desktop search remains up-to-date and relevant. Customizable search features: indexing, result channels, federated search of other web search engines. Link engine On-the-fly linking to news articles, websites, products, video clips, blogs, email, email attachments and local documents that are relevant to your active window. Automatic linking to related web and desktop information when you write a document or an email. Smart folders are automatically updated as links provide new information, taking account of new contexts and users�?�¢�¢â??�¬�¢â??�¢ behaviour. Automatic text to voice linking through video clip results. Automatically generated result summaries. Automatic linking to more related results on result display. Refine web searches through point-and-click. Toolbar search restriction through text highlighting in the active window. Custom link channel selection. Browser search Automatic generation of alternative search terms for web searches. Automatic highlighting of search keywords in web results lists. Information discovered on web and news sites will be automatically put into the right smart folder. 3D visual representation of web searches, including automatic suggestion of further related results. News search Blog search Spelling correction Exact phrase and full Boolean Automatic hyperlinking to displayed results Rank by relevance or date Available search channels Files: Office documents (Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel worksheets), Adobe Acrobat documents, HTML pages, Text documents. Emails: Mail emails and attachments News: 24/7 news breaking from a variety of prestigious global news providers Web: websites Products: online shopping Video Clips: Real media files Blogs: any blogs Multimedia formats: MP3, AIFF (iTunes), MPEG, Real, AVI, QuickTime Mov, TIFF, GIF, JPEG, and BMP.
Price USD 0
License Purchase
File Size 8.2 MB
Version 1.0.2
Operating System Macintosh, Mac OS X 10.3, Mac OS X 10.3.9, Mac OS X 10.4 PPC
System Requirements Mac OS X 10.3 or higher
800 MHz processor or faster