ParanaChute offers a solution for a common dilemma that occurs when Macintoshclients need to work on documents stored on a central file server.On one hand, opening the documents straight off the server causes a lotof problems when connections or the server go down. On the other hand, copying documents to the local hard disk causes filemanagement problems: where is the latest copy ? Who is working on it ? ParanaChute also keeps track of how much time was spent working on each file - great for billing purposes. ParanaChute puts an end to this dilemma and combines the advantages ofcentralized document storage with the efficiency of local document storage. Instead of double-clicking, you drag the document icon of a server documentonto the ParanaChute icon, or drag it into the ParanaChute window.
Price USD 19
License Purchase
Version 1.0.8
Operating System Macintosh, Mac OS Classic
System Requirements
  • Mac OS 7.5 or higher