Power Windows is a small control panel that lets you tap into your Mac's unused processor power to perform amazingly cool effects with windows and menus (so I guess I should really call it "Power Windows and Menus", or maybe "Greg's Power Stuff"). The primary function of Power Windows is to let you drag the entire contents of windows instead of just a dotted outline. The control panel lets you choose between Solid Dragging and Translucent Dragging, and you can even Use Multitasking with solid dragging. Power Windows can also make Finder Windows Fade Open and Closed and Menus Fade Closed, as well as offering Translucent Menus. While this is not exactly a productivity application, you might be able to convince yourself that multitasking during drags and being able to see what's behind menus is sort of useful. But most importantly, Power Windows is just plain fun, and it's great for impressing your friends and coworkers.
File Size110.16 kB
Operating System Mac OS Classic Macintosh
System Requirements
  • System 7.0 or higher