HardLink is a Windows 2000 shell extension which facilitates the creation of 'Hardlinks'. 'Hardlinks' are a Native NTFS supported functionality which essentially places additional entries in the NTFS Master File Table referencing the same file. This allows links to a single file to be created in any number of different directories. A Hardlink is better in many respects than a 'shortcut' mainly because the NTFS file system understands them, thereby not requiring explorer (in the case of shortcuts) or registry access to de-reference them. Hardlinks are also superior to shortcuts due to the fact the the shortcut doesn't contain any information about the file other than where it is, whereas the hardlink looks exactly like the source file to any file system API (other than attributes indicating it is a HardLink of course). Because HardLink is a shell extension you may use it to create a HardLink to any file simply by 'right-mouseing' the source and then providing a path for the HardLink. This is a single DLL. There is no 'Setup' program required. Simply download and register (regsvr32).
File Size9.77 kB
Operating System Windows 2000 Windows NT Windows
System Requirements
  • Windows NT/200