FindText is a utility that can search the files on your harddisk for that specific text you know is hiding somewhere. Simply type in the text, tell it what folder or disk to search, and it will find all files containing that text. You can even specify where it has to look in the file: the data fork, the resource fork or both. This saves you having to open ten or more files to get hold of the one you're after, and FindText can work in the background, which means you can get on with something else rather than watching the progress bar crawl across the screen. If speed is important, try FindText.
Price USD 0
License Purchase
File Size 194.42 kB
Version 1.3.6
Operating System Macintosh Mac OS Classic
System Requirements FindText needs System 7 or better and runs native both on the PowerMac and the 68020/68030/68040 Macs. FindText is fully compatible with Mac OS 8.