zsDuplicateHunter allows you to easily find duplicate files including music files, image files, text files, and binary files. Duplicates can be in a single folder, in multiple folders on one computer, on an entire computer, or on networked computers. You can search for duplicates only by name, or find exact duplicates using checksum or digest grouping. Use zsDuplicateHunter to eliminate wasted hard drive space used to store duplicate files. zsDuplicateHunter makes deleting duplicate files safe by allowing you to delete files to a temporary directory and by showing warning messages before files are permanently deleted. Key Benefits When you eliminate duplicates from your computer, you will: Save space on your hard drive Make your computer run faster Speed up your backups Make searching for files faster Key Features Find files in a single folder, multiple folders, an entire computer, or multiple computers. View duplicates by path or by group. Seven different methods of deleting duplicates including: Delete individual files Delete all but the newest file in a group of duplicates. Delete all but the oldest file in a group of duplicates. Delete all but the first file in a group of duplicates. Delete all duplicates of a selected file. Keep files in a selected folder, and delete duplicates elsewhere. Delete all duplicates in a selected folder, preserving the files elsewhere. Delete files permanently or move them to another folder to delete later. Save and print reports of duplicate hunt results (licensed users only). Filter files and folders by name to speed up the hunt and ignore unimportant files. Include or Exclude sub-folders from your search for complete control of what is searched. Choose to include or exclude hidden and/or system files. Control how files are grouped as duplicates. You can group by name, size, checksum, and/or digest (enhanced checksum). Search for duplicate files within zip files. Search within the results to find specific files.
File Size1.53 MB
Operating System Mac OS X 10.3 Macintosh
System Requirements
  • Mac OS X 10.3 or higher