Hide everything except the desktop. Minimize (or unminimize) all Finder windows. Display the unread mail count floating window. Windowshade and zoom the front Finder Window. Empty the Trash. Access Mac OS X's built-in keyboard viewer. Display the Uptime/CPU Usage floating window. Click again to hide the floating window. Open the Finder's built-in Inspector Palette. Google the clipboard. Copy text from any application and click this button to search for it Google. Reduce FinderPal to a small icon which can me moved anywhere. Remember and recall Finder window sizes and locations. (Based on the Snapshot applescript by the nice folks at Apple.) Display the date and time in a floating window. Quickly open Home, Pictures, Desktop, Applications, Documents, Public folders – closing all other Finder windows. Hide/Show the Dock. Clean up by name – straighten up the icons in the current folder or on the desktop. Open the Apple Color Picker - a handy reference for apps with inferior color pickers. Open System Preferences. Show/hide hidden files and hide them with a single click. Display the current IP address in a floating window. Convert the text on the clipboard to plain text for easier pasting. Control the iTunes sound volume.
File Size388.67 kB
Operating System Mac OS X 10.3 Macintosh
System RequirementsMac OS X 10.3, iTunes, and Mail