InformationCompiler produces 5 main kinds of reports: Free-Style Report: a well-readable information outputs in the form of concise digest, well-ordered compilation, or complete recall compilation (see samples related to Cannes festival). Structured report with predefined sections on a person: Nicknames & Aliases, General, Birth & Family, Commmitment, Activity, Personal. A user is invited to specify an area of activity, choosing among Politics, Business, Science & Engineering, Arts & Literature, Biblical Characters, Terrorism & Crime (see samples related to Warren Buffett and Ray Bradbury. Structured report with predefined sections on an organization: General, Location, Area of Activity, Positioning & Strategy, etc. (see samples related to Hathaway and Hamas). Selection of statements that explain a term (see samples related to Outsourcing and Sheol). Selection of conclusive statements on scientific findings (see sample related to Losartan). The system is easily customizable letting to compile domain-specific reports (scientific, etc.). All kinds of reports are well-readable due to the systemÂ’s ability to ensure such features as: the extracted passages do not contain references to those parts of original documents that are not included into the compiled text; the output text is shaped according to its genre and segmented into sections with subheadings. With this program you can analyze your existing collection of relevant documents or first build it automatically by either quering Google or using a user's list of URLs.
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