Desktop Item Manager

"Desktop Item Manager" helps you forget about desktop items' chaos caused when changing your screen resolution. It allows you to manage an item order on desktop saving and/or restoring any variants of desktop item placing. This utility will definitely help you save your time and nerves. Do you use Remote Desktop connection? You might need this utility if your interacted computers have different screen resolutions, and you lose an original item order on one of them during a Remote Desktop session. Do you have a notebook? You might need this utility if you had worked on an external display, but its resolution is different from the one on your notebook. Do you have a PDA? The utility can also be useful when you use PDA as a terminal client to connect to your workstation. Do you like to play computer games? Some computer games change default screen resolution, which creates a disorder on your desktop after you finish playing. "Desktop Item Manager" supports an unlimited number of desktop item placing (profiles). The tool is able to trace changes in screen resolutions, and apply the profile of item placing which is selected as default in automatic mode.
LicenseFree to try
File Size345.01 kB
Operating System Windows Vista Windows XP Windows 2000 Windows Windows 2003 Windows Server 2008