Welcome to CellDetail NXTL Beta, the powerful Nextel cellular bill reader. With CellDetail, you can: Get a breakdown of every unit's usage and charges. Better administrate your bill and usage! Break down charges based on access, usage, long distance, and other options. Break down access for Nights & Weekends, Incoming calls, Voice mail, Long Distance, and more. Find a better rate plan by finding out how you use your cell usage. Track usage on a per-minute basis. Find out when you dialed specific numbers and how long you spoke for each call or all calls combined -- by number, location, and more! Filter results using several built-in filters for each unit. Search and narrow results using charge amounts, exact calls, numbers, length, etc. See rate plan details at a glance. Export bill detail in tab-delimited format for importing into spreadsheets (standard or filtered results included). Get one-click access to a wealth of bill information and detail so you can best utilize your cell usage and save money! Disclaimer: This software is not made or endorsed by Nextel Communications, Inc.
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