Desktop3D software was designed to be a desktop replacement. It replaces the standard Windows Desktop and provides you with a host of new features, such as animated background, big icons in PNG and JPG formats. Desktop3D features a user friendly interface, which lets you change your new desktop's appearance and behavior in few seconds. No need to learn complicated configuration files, simply press on a file, a folder or a drive and drag it on Desktop3D,and Desktop3D begins to display it.If you place a picture on Desktop3D, it begins to display it's small copy!!! Desktop3D also supports a skins for background. Today Desktop3D supports 3 skins, there are: Sea skin, Fire skin and Desktop Color Skin, when Desktop3D takes color from Windows. Desktop3D is very stable and has a small memory footprint and low CPU usage, so you can free your processor time for other tasks.
LicenseFree to try
File Size13.15 MB
Operating System Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2003 Windows Windows 2000