ShapeShifter is a revolutionary new product that lets you change the overall appearance of your Mac using 'themes'. We're not talking about just desktop backgrounds and icons here, we're talking about everything - the look of windows, menus, apps, buttons, absolutely everything. You don't wear the same clothes everyday, your house doesn't look exactly like your neighbor's - why should the computing interface you use everyday be any different. You personalize your physical workspace to suit your tastes and whims, so why not your Mac? With ShapeShifter, you can: Change the overall appearance of your operating system safely, quickly, and reliably; Change the appearance of individual apps to match your theme and your mood; Experience things that haven't been possible with Mac themes before; Quickly preview themes without actually applying them; Install different themes for different users; Add and remove themes effortlessly.
Price USD 20
License Free to try
File Size 6.79 MB
Version 2.5
Operating System Mac OS X 10.4 PPC, Mac OS X 10.4 Intel, Mac OS X 10.3, Macintosh, Mac OS X 10.4
System Requirements Mac OS X 10.3/10.4