WinEpoc is a powerful Windows-like desktop for Symbian/Epoc equipped pocket computers. It provides you with a familiar workplace allowing an intuitive control without losing any advantage of powerful Epoc operating system. WinEpoc is not only a desktop enhancement, it brings many new features and functions for your pocket computer. All its possibilities make using of your handheld device much more easier and comfortable. With WinEpoc, you can organise your documents, links to various objects, menus, notes on desktop, and hotkeys. WinEpoc also provides you with easy-to-use functions for switching between running tasks and getting important information about machine status. Furthermore, there is a number of additional advanced functions that you will find useful. Additionally, WinEpoc provides you with a wide range of possibilites how to personalise it - for example: creating multiple desktops, setting automatically changing wallpapers, and choosing appearance of bottom StartBar. Version 3.5 improves user interface and adds integrated Explorer, wider range of settings, and user hotkeys function.
LicenseFree to try
File Size499.61 kB
Operating System Mobile
System RequirementsEPOC (Psion OS)