Checketry is a download manager that lets you track and manage downloads from Windows PC to iOS and Android mobile. Checketry works for many types of software like browsers, torrent applications and game clients such as Steam. File manager - Checketry also acts as a file manager to desktop as it allows you to connect, view and manage files from your home computer. Track download progress - Track download progress from your desktop PC to mobile. You can see the download speed, time left and other useful information right on your iOS device. Manage files - Checketry file manager and tracker allows you to control your downloads in a remote desktop function for your home desktop PC to your mobile. Remote desktop - Allows you to control files for your PC in a remote desktop fashion. Basically, whatever personal files your computer can download, Checketry can track the progress. Full features include: Track and manage your files on your desktop PC device from anywhere on your mobile device. Shut-down timer. Choose when your PC shuts down after files are done. No more wasting power. Change sleep settings from desktop to mobile. Forgot to change your sleep settings to 'never go to sleep'? No problem, Checketry has a feature to make sure your device won't turn off while you're downloading. Pause, cancel and schedule downloads from mobile. You can manage your files on PC, including starting and deleting them, from your mobile. Acts as a remote desktop by allowing you to manage downloads on your computer from mobile.
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 51.88 MB
Version 3.0.4
Operating System Windows, Windows 10
System Requirements None