Supports HTTP/HTTPS/FTTP A command line download manager to download large files, specifically for pre/downloading videos (mkv,avi,mp4,...), can also handle broken network connections. .) Partial read/write from and into files .) Random access, allow you to resume a download at certain position .) Zero padding, allocates file space in advance Usage: dload v1.5 (C) 2008-2017 by Erich Markus Pribitzer Usage: [OPTION] [PARAM]... -u URL -d Destination (file or path) [optional] -f Read from (set remote file pointer position) [optional default=0] -t Write to (set local file pointer position) [optional default=0] -s Size (bytes to read/write) [optional] -U Username [optional] -P Password [optional] -z Zero file padding [optional] -a Append, resume or write to existing file [optional] -r Retries on Error [optional default=3] -x Proxy (e.g. "") [optional] -q Quiet mode [optional] -v FTP passive mode [optional] -b (1-100) Read buffer size in KB [optional default=4] ToDo: Progress output in window mode
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Operating System Windows Vista Windows Windows 2000 Windows Server 2008 Windows 2003 Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows XP Windows 10