Users can remotely Locate and track their device, retrieve their information, then lock, wipe, encrypt, delete certificates (for the corporate user), and shutdown their device from any web browser- even if the SIM card has been removed. This is great news for those looking for an easy upgrade fix or peace of mind that their stored data will never fall into the wrong hands. Manage Contacts: Remotely backup, restore, delete or add a new contact to your device from any Web browser. Transfer your contacts when you upgrade or lose your phone. File Manager: Manage, transfer files from any computer to your mobile device and back. File manager reads and displays all files and folders (including your SD card), making it easy to add, remove, backup, and restore your documents, files, music, ringtones, or videos.
File Size440.82 kB
Operating System Windows Mobile Mobile Windows Mobile 6.x
System Requirements1- must subscribe to 2- must have internet data plan or access to WIFI 3-MobiWee client must be installed and running on your device in order for any request to succeed.