WinMobile Download Accelerator

WinMobile Download Accelerator is a download manager that enhances mobile users file downloading experience by providing functionalities to manage, schedule, and speed up file downloading from HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP servers. The latest version supports Youtube FLV downloading. WinMobile Download Accelerator uses multi-server multiple-threading asynchronous transportation technique to speed up file downloading. The download speed can be increased even further by assigning simultaneous downloading from several mirrors. Any broken download on error or connection failure can be easily resumed using comprehensive error recovery and resume capability of WinMobile Download Accelerator. Its robust features include support for proxy server settings; FTP and HTTP, HTTPS protocols; server authorization; connections settings; traffics management; scheduler; downloaded file integrity check and many more. WinMobile Download Accelerator's inbuilt powerful scheduler and smart management allows user to start and stop downloading files at any predetermined time. It can also be set to wake up your mobile device on scheduled download event. Version 2.5 enhanced support for downloading of Youtube FLV file.
LicenseFree to try
File Size1.25 MB
Operating System Windows Mobile Mobile Windows Mobile 6.x Windows Mobile 5.x