UIDeskAutomation is a software with 3 components: UIDeskStudio, UIDeskAutomation library and UIDeskAutomationSpy. The studio can be used for managing and/or running tests and various scripts. The Spy tool can be used for writing the test scripts. Stand-alone scripts can also be written to do some automated tasks for Windows applications. The library can be used with any scripting language that supports .NET (like PowerShell) or can be used in a .NET project as a third-party library. UIDeskAutomation is a software that can be used for automated testing and for creating automating tasks for Windows applications based on their user interface. For PowerShell, there is a cmdlet "Get-Engine" that can be used as a starting point in your script or you can just use "Add-Type -Path" standard cmdlet and specify the location where this software is installed. At the end of the installation process a PowerShell administrator command window openes and asks you to press Y or N. This would change the execution policy of Powershell to Remote-Signed which allows all local scripts to run and also downloaded scripts but only those which are signed. If you want to run locally Poweshell scripts in Samples folder you can press "Y". In the installation folder (%Program Files%/dDeltaSolutions/UIDeskAutomation/Samples) you can find two sample projects that can be opened with UIDeskStudio and some stand alone scripts that do some automated actions. These script samples show how this tool can be used to create automated tasks to automate some actions that are usually repeatedly done by user using the UI of applications. Some scripts work only on Windows 10, some on Windows 7 and some on all Windows versions and they are automatically doing some computations using Calculator and Notepad standard applications which comes with Windows OS. The scripts are written with PowerShell language but this library can also be used in a .NET application. To run a stand-alone script, right click on it and choose Edit, it should open using Windows PowerShell ISE. In this application press F5 or press the green arrow in the toolbar. You can use the PowerShell ISE environment for debugging. The library DLL and the help file (UIDeskAutomationHelp.chm) can be found in the installation folder. Here you can also find a tool, UIDeskAutomationSpy, which can be used to easily write scripts. The Spy tool is used to compute the descriptor of UI elements.
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Operating System Windows 7 Windows 10 Windows Windows 8
System Requirements.NET Framework 4.0, PowerShell 3.0