In software application, menu is a list that is shown on a computer from which user make choices to control what an application does. Simply, it is a graphical list of functionality from which user can make a choice. With the passage of time GUI representation of software was evolved from simple interface to rich interface. Rich interface concept made application more attractive, self-descriptive and aesthetic. This is basic motive of Verbial Iconic Menu System (VIMS). It's a verbal representation of menu items that makes it more understandable and self-descriptive for user. Human learn quickly by graphics. VIMS is rich in graphics, styling, coloring and formatting. It works on single click that lessens the additional fatigue of double click. VIMS By outlook is different from others as it has patterned back grounds, images and colors of user's choice.
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License Free
File Size 37.04 kB
Operating System Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7
System Requirements .NET 4