MstHtmlEditor Control for .NET WinForms

The powerful editing control, MstHtmlEditor for .NET WinForms allows even non-technical users to author and manage html content utilizing the familiar Microsoft Word processor-like interface for formatting text, setting hyperlinks, building tables, as well as inserting images, Symbols, etc. Leverage the large range of built-in tools, dropdowns, dialogs and system modules or take advantage of the multiple customization options. Merge and Unmerge Cells, Resize Column Width and Row Height with the Mouse You have the ability to merge two or more adjacent cells into a single cell that spans over multiple rows and columns. You can also manually adjust the column width or row height by dragging the cell boundaries to the desired size. Design, Source, and Preview Modes: Allow your end users to create and format content in design view with the help of MstHtmlEditor's built-in tools, while your advanced users can work directly in the Source mode. By using the Preview mode users can check how the content will be displayed when added to a real web page. Customizing the HTML Editor Toolbar: You can customize exactly which buttons appear in the editor. For example, you might want to remove the HTML tab to prevent users from switching the HTML Editor into HTML mode. Or, you might want to remove the New, Open and Save buttons to prevent users from operating files directly. Native Language Support: By default, all buttons and dialogs are provided in English. Support for other languages is available through the use of the Language.INI file. If you chose to configure it, all string resources used in our control will be obtained primarily from this file. Therefore, you can achieve multilanguage support by customizing the string resources.
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Operating System Windows 2003 Windows Vista Windows Server 2008 Windows XP Windows Windows 8 Windows 10 Windows 2000 Windows 7