MarshallSoft GPS Component for Visual Basic

The MarshallSoft GPS Component for Visual Basic (MGC4VB) is a Win32 DLL that allows any Visual Basic program to receive and decode standard NMEA 183 sentences from a GPS receiver connected to the RS232 serial port. Requires 32-bit Visual Basic or VB.Net.Its feature include where it uses the Windows Win32 API (Win64 API for 64-bit apps) for serial port input,works with both real and virtual serial ports,runs as a background thread unattended,the most current GPS data is always available on demand,support functions (such as mgcGreatCircle) are included,can be called from any application program capable of calling the Windows Win32 API, including C/C++, Visual Basic, PowerBASIC, Delphi, Visual FoxPro, Visual dBase, Xbase++, Fortran, COBOL, etc,most commonly used NMEA sentence types are automatically decoded,MGC is a standard Windows DLL that does not depend on support DLLs and several latitude/longitude calculation functions included.
LicenseFree to try
File Size476.83 kB
Operating System Windows NT Windows Windows 2003 Windows 2000 Windows Me Windows 98 Windows Vista Windows XP Windows 7