SQLDistributions extends the T-SQL scripting environment to by adding support for modelling and analysing probability distributions directly within the database. Performing data analysis from within the database tends to be much faster and more efficient than transporting the data across the network to a client application, and also allows simpler and cleaner application architectures. The distributions are all implemented as CLR-based user-defined types, each supporting a broad range of methods for calculating descriptive statistics (mean, median, mode, skewness, kurtosis etc) and other distribution characteristics. Each distribution also provides a random-number generator which uses modified ziggurat methods to enable high-speed, high-volume generation of random variates that fit the distribution profile. Supported distributions include: (Continuous) - Beta - Cauchy - Chi-squared - Exponential - F - Gamma - Gumbel - Inverse chi-squared - Inverse gamma - Laplace - Logistic - Log-normal - Non-central beta - Non-central chi-squared - Non-central F - Non-central T - Normal - Pareto - Rayleigh - T - Triangular - Uniform - Weibull (Discrete) - Bernouilli - Binomial - Hypergeometric - Negative binomial - Poisson
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