MixerProNET is a powerful .NET based class library that provides access to the lines and controls of any installed sound card. Through the use of classes and collections the MixerProNET engine is the easiest and most powerful method for developing applications that need to read and/or change any parameter from any sound card. The engine has been developed in such a way that even non-standard sound cards that provide non-standard lines can be easily controlled with MixerProNET. For example, the AudioScience ASI5111 provides 2 recording sources and 4 playback outputs. It's like having 6 different sound cards in one... and MixerProNET can access every single setting from this sound card just as if it were a simple SoundBlaster! With MixerProNET you can control volume, mute states, recording sources, obtain information about the sound card's driver name, version, etcetera.
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