Accordian Banner Web Control

The Accordian Banner Silverlight web control displays a banner containing multiple images. The images are stacked horizontally in an overlapping accordian fashion and can be viewed one at a time. When an image tab is selected, the other images slide out of the way. The web control displays up to ten images. This is a Silverlight 4 web control. This control can be customized by modifying the control's XML. The following customizations are available: Width: The width of the control in pixels. Height: The height of the control in pixels. Background Color: The background color of the control. Border Color: The border color of the control. Border Width: The width of the control's border in pixels. Number of Images: The number of images in the control (limited to 10). Image URL/Text: The urls and text of up to ten images to be displayed.
File Size195.32 kB
Operating System Windows Vista Windows Server 2008 Windows XP Windows Windows 2003 Windows 7