Web FileUpload COM Object

The FutureWare Web Library FileUpload web server object for Delphi and ASP is designed as a server-side object that accepts a file upload from a web browser for selected file types, and then saving them to the server file system. For uploaded image files (i.e., BMP, JPG, GIF and PNG) the object can abstract certain image properties (e.g., height and width in pixels) for subsequent processing. For JPG files, the object can additionally abstract the COMMENT and the 16 application-specific descriptions (i.e., the APPnn markers) that can be imbedded within the binary image stream. The object does not allow any modification to any uploaded file. The FileUpload object operating environment is any WinNT/2K server. It is included in this FutureWare product distribution as a class object for Microsoft Active Server Pages that is added as a class to the server Registry as an installed DLL, and is being used successfully with Microsoft Internet Information Server, OReilly WebSitePro server, and Omnicron Technologies OHTTPD server, and can be used with Chili!Soft ASP products that operate under WinNT/2K. It is also available as a Delphi DCU (included in this FutureWare product distribution) that can be included in any project that uses the TWebBroker object, by including the object DCU in the invoking Object Pascal source file INTERFACE USES section. In addition to web browser uploads of image files, it can also handle Microsoft Access, Word and Excel documents, text and HTML files, and other file types that have a defined MIME declaration.
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Operating System Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows