NativeSpeak is a system which assists application developers working with Runtime Revolution who wish to offer their applications to speakers of different languages (for example English and French) but who do not wish to develop different versions of their code for each language. Using NativeSpeak, a developer working say in English, can create code which is entirely English-based, including all text that the user of the application sees, and subsequently switch all those texts to another human language without any manual alteration in the code or manual adjustment of the size and spatial relationships between the various objects containing the text. The texts are kept in a database which can be given to a human translator who can create equivalent texts in another language, which is then added to the database. The database also contains the necessary details of object geometry. The system is applied as a pre-processor to the Revolution code to adapt the application to the new language. There is no need for the developer to change the original Revolution code at all. There is no limit to the number of languages that can be accommodated in this way. NativeSpeak contains a number of powerful components, which are fully described in the documentation.
File Size9.21 MB
Operating System Windows XP Windows 95 Windows Server 2008 Windows 2000 Windows 3.x Windows Windows NT Windows Me Windows Vista Windows 2003 Windows 98
System Requirements
  • Runtime Revolution 2.8.1 or higher