A single DLL ASP.NET server control solution for rendering 2 way data bindable images or other files on the fly from SQL BLOB or URL with Thumbnail generation, Rollover image effect, IFrame, File Upload to BLOB or URL, 'Force Download' and simultaneous server side Click Event support without requiring you writing any code or ASHX http handler files or any temporary file creation in the production server any time. Features : Generate Thumbnail from any Image URL or SQL Blob on the fly. Adding RollOver Image effect by simply providing the Roll over image url. A set of DisplayType options allow the developer to show the Binary Content as an Image, or Thumbnail, or Hyperlink, or IFrame. A set of OnClick Action options allow the developer to add Simultaneous server side Click Event (PostBack) with the option of OnClick URL Navigation, or Force Download or Open the file in a browser. Thus, you can execute your business logic along with client side file download or url navigation. If you want to Show the Download prompt to the user with the option of OPEN, SAVE, CANCEL then simply set onClick action= ForceDownload and you are all set. Special feature : "Upload Mode". You can simply upload a file for the BLOB content or URL just by a single mouse click. This feature is very important when you have BLOB content in your database and you are using GridView control to display the SQL Table and you want to Update the BLOB records directly from the Gridview. You can also resize the uploaded picture and convert the uploaded picture to a different ImageFormat like PNG, GIF etc. A successful File Upload fires FileUploaded Event with so many useful Event Arg properties. If the File is sold to customers as download link, then the download link can be programmed so that, the Source URL can not be visible anytime for restricting the Link sharing among the unexpected users without requiring temporary file creation in the server or writing any extra code for this feature.
LicenseFree to try
File Size26.42 MB
Operating System Windows Vista Windows Windows XP
System Requirements
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or later