This is custom control for .Net Developers which can show data in multiple columns. It will be invisible at run time. It will appear when enter key will be pressed in the control to which it is binded (Textbox or Datagridview). When you start typing in the textbox, if it is binded to the textbox , or in a column of datagridview, if it is binded to a datagridview, it will start searching the contents in the particular column in the list that you have specified starting with that character. If it finds a match it will display the contents in the textbox or column of datagridview. If it does not find a match it displays the list to select from. As you continue to type characters it continues to refine the search. Also you can press keys on the list if it is displayed. It will search for the matches starting with the typed keys in the contents of column on which you have pressed the keys. It will highlight the cell with matching contents and make it current cell. If you took more than 2 seconds to type the key or you changed the current cell it will start a new search.
LicenseFree to try
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Operating System Windows Vista Windows XP Windows