Imagine a browser that not only allow you to view Web Pages, but change their appearance and behaviors... Like you could got to some site, and disable that popup window, that jumps each time you put your mouse over some image... This tool could help you create new web page, or edit your existing one, or just access some URL and see (only for educational purposes) how they made, and what they will look like, if you change some styles and events handlers or move some elements. You could also use this tool, if content of your page is created on a fly by ASP, JSP or using any kind of JavaScript staff, like innerHTML or document.write. Basically, it does not really matter how you gave you page content to a browser - did you encode it before, or you create it on a fly as you go, this tool will show DOM tree and allow you to do anything with it, or you could go through JavaScript objects tree, and again do whatever you want.
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