User Library is a collection of useful functions for QuickBasic 4.5 and C/C++. The QuickBasic part consists of a precompiled library and its source and sample use. With the functions included, the user can draw a window box, center text, type it with delay (simulating a teletype), pause the program execution, clear the screen in a shutterlike way, determine screen size, and so on. The C/C++ functions give the user the ability to separate CPP files with functions that can center or right-align text, and perform a shutterlike clearing of the screen. Two CPP files contain classes, one of which can draw a box (extended from QuickBasic), and the other can read text from a keyboard while allowing the user to edit it (this is designed to replace the "cgets()"-style functions of C/C++). The C++ functions are written for DOS but can easily be ported to Windows.
File Size41.49 kB
Operating System Windows
System RequirementsQuickBasic 4.5 or C/C++ Compiler