POWER-KI Developer edition

POWER-KI (PWK) is a programming language, designed for the realization of Intelligent Applications (I.A). With this term we define those software that make use of the greatest number of information which are available, including those comprehended in the real model to which they apply and which can also be inferred automatically (A.I.). The application areas of PWK range from IoT (internet of things), to supervisory and control systems, to applications for the management of production and decision-making processes, to the Web and eCommerce. Despite having many similarities with classical languages, POWER-KI presents substantial conceptual differences: the division between the constituent elements (data, code, flow); the instantiation of the executive elements (EXO, MTHD); the ability of self / manipulation (reflective) of each of its elements; the Native Cloud (NC) or the separation between the interfaces (GUI) and the program that generated them. For the creation of applications, the WorkBench is made available with all the functionality for editing, testing, debugging Package applications (.pwk) or assembly applications (.pka) and for generating NC user interfaces (.pki) and interfaces / websites (.pkw). The standard libraries contained in PWK allow you to access the most important functions, including e.g. DB (DataBase), KB1 (knowledge Base), industrial communications (IEP1, OPC), image processing and DNN (OpenCv). With the WRAP PWK libraries it opens up to developers, who are given the opportunity to create wrap DLLs that can be viewed pseudoNatively by PWK. PWK therefore becomes the load-bearing structure on which to insert code capable of satisfying various needs, in essence a logical glue to make dialogue between different technologies with which to quickly create innovative applications.
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Version 11 - 32.16
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