Citrus Inventory

Citrus Inventory is used in conjunction with Citrus Invoicer and is the main program used to restock Inventoried Items. The basic routines are: Manage Inventory Items; Create and Manage Vendor Data; Create and Print a Purchase Order; Create a Pick List; Return Items to Inventory; Create Price Books; The Main Menu Screen: This screen has six sub routines. Options that are grayed out are not available at the time. This is usually because no file with data required for that routine exists. For example, if you have not created any vendor records, you can not create a Purchase Order. Managing Inventory Items: Add items to your inventory. Each item is assigned to a category and has the following: Unit Cost; Price; On-hand Discount Price; Discount Quantity (at what quantity will the discount price be used); Reorder When (inventory falls to this amount); Reorder Amount (how many to reorder). Creating Vendors and Suppliers: Select the Create and Manage Vendors option button from the main menu; Use this screen to enter and update information about your vendors and suppliers. Creating a Purchase Order: When you started using Citrus Invoicer, you created Inventoried Items. Each item was assigned a low level at which a re-order would be required. You also assigned a re-order amount for each item. Inventory items are depleted when you create a Pick list or Invoice. You restock inventoried items by creating a Purchase Order, even if you do not submit it to a vendor. The Purchase Order creation routine allows you to select all inventoried items or only those low in stock. Select the Create Purchase Order routine from the main menu. The Purchase Order Setup Screen will be displayed. Here you will find 3 option buttons as just explained above. Click on a button to select the type of PO you wish to create. If creating a Blank PO, the vendor selection will be reset. If creating a populated PO, select a Vendor from the list. The next PO Number is automatically generated and displayed. Click Create. The Create Purchase Order window will open.
Price USD 9.95
License Free to try
File Size 2.8 MB
Version 2.0
Operating System Windows, Windows 10
System Requirements None