Are you just looking for a Windows cash register software for your shop? Cash Register software works as a cash register/Inventory system which provides all of the functionalities you need to keep track of your inventory and sell your products using your computers. This program runs on Microsoft Windows Vista or higher. This software includes the following features: Work as a Cash Register machine: Show products as Grid or List View, Sort by name/ price; Support barcode scanner; Search products by typing name or barcode into Search box; Apply discount; Accept multiple payment methods (cards, cash,... also Gift Card); Allow to refund from a completed order. Manage and track your inventory easily: Allow you to add detailed information for your products (such as category, name, image, cost, price, barcode, quantity, size/weight); Sort products by name/price/cost; Customers and User accounts management: Create customer accounts with their name, email, address, and birthday; Create Admin account and individual accounts (Reporter, Salesperson, Inventory clerk). Reporting - Charting - Statistics: Show sales report by time/customer/salesperson/payment; A chart shows revenue and profit by month or year; Show in details how many products sold and how many available in a specific period time (daily/monthly/yearly). Other features: Print your Receipt/Inventory/Sales report or send via e-mail. Manage Gift Cards (add/edit/delete/print/send via e-mail). User friendly: Easy and simple user interface. Change theme colors. Backup database (Auto or manually) and restore. Add Store information into receipt (name/address/phone/logo). Restore default settings. Set date and time. Customizable tax rate and currency. Import/Export feature: Export Categories/Products/Customers to csv file from program and then import it to the iOS Cash Register app. Import the csv file created from the iOS Cash Register app into the program.
LicenseFree to try
File Size13.29 MB
Operating System Windows 8 Windows Vista Windows Windows 10 Windows 7