EnterpriseWizard Asset Management SaaS

EnterpriseWizard provides a full lifecycle asset management solution for your software and hardware assets. Of course it allows you to capture all the details of your assets. But more importantly, it makes this information actionable by integrating it with other business processes such as service and change management. Its drag and drop workflow editor, powerful business rules, and scheduled charts and reports help you to plan, monitor and control the use of assets throughout your organization. Support for WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) allows the software and hardware configurations of Windows-based workstations and servers to be captured and updated automatically, eliminating human error and improving efficiency. LDAP/MS Active Directory integration enables the automated polling and discovery of software assets without having to install any client software. This reduces administrative load and provides you with a centralized control facility. Ticketing system integration dynamically displays the hardware and software configuration of your end users in helpdesk tickets or service requests that they submit. This helps ensure that your support staff have all the information they need to resolve the issue the first time. A dynamic data model allows any set of asset parameters to be captured in the database and linked to other assets, users, teams or other records, providing integrated process control and management. Assets can be linked to vendor support contracts, licenses, and other objects in one-to-many or many-to-many relationships. Bar code scanner integration provides inventory control over any class of asset, providing a 360 degree view of your company's systems and equipment. Fully configurable charts and reports provide a robust management information system. Charts and reports take just a couple of minutes to create and can be scheduled to be automatically emailed or distributed to disk. Email Integration provides dynamic alerts for changes in asset status, upcoming expirations of service contracts, and much more. Full auditability is provided through audit logs and History tracking that provide a description of every change made to the asset during its lifecycle.
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