Gas Station Software performs daily, monthly, and annual tracking of your sales. Store purchases, fuel sales, fuel purchases, price adjustments or shortage, paid-outs, assets, complete employee, customer, and vendor management. Inventory tracking by department, item, and category. Flexible taxing system which allows you to tax items differently. Keep track of each of your fuel pumps and tanks, by storing information about their location, model, and capacity. Optionally associate a pump and a tank with each fuel grade, for keeping track of fuel inventory, and better tracking of which tank and/or pump produces the most sales. The Agnitech gas station software is intended to be used as a back-office software to keep track of historical data of everything from store sales and purchases, fuel sales and purchases, payments, receivables, daily assets, etc. This software is not intended for use as a Point-of-sale software that can be used at the gas station to capture customer purchases real-time.. It tracks all activity that takes place at the gas station, from tracking fuel sales by category, fuel purchases, store sales and purchases, tracking store sales by department and by countable products. It also tracks all payments made to vendors and other payees, it tracks the daily assets by shift and by day. It allows you to instantly generate reports that show you what you have and what you should have. It also generates fuel reconciliation reports, historical reports of everything that happened during any period of time, and much much more. This software includes most, if not all of the features that you need to manage your business.. It includes a fully features order capture module that allows you the ability to sell, return, and capture payments from customers. It also includes a module to generate purchase orders, capture and track repairs, track inventory and products by SKU, and by serial numbers. It allows multiple payments per order, and multiple payment types, including credit cards, cash, checks, gift cards, and others. You can issue refunds to customers, generate and sell gift cards on the fly while capturing an order, process customer returns, manage employees' records, manage employees' schedule, track employees' vacations, and more.
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Operating System Windows 8 Windows 10 Windows NT Windows Windows Vista Windows Me Windows 98 Windows 7 Windows Server 2008 Windows 2003 Windows 2000 Windows XP