Accounting Journal Template

Accounting Journal Template for Excel is an excel template to record your company income and expenses with Double-Entry bookkeeping format. There are General and Special Journal in this package. Both are having similar formats but different account allocation. Special journals are used in Trading/Retail business where Cash and Non Cash transaction are separated in both Purchase and Sales accounts. General journal, like its title, is allocated for all transactions outside Sales and Purchase transaction. But, in Services type company, general journal will be used to record all transaction because it usually doesn't need special journal. This template accommodates a double-entry system bookkeeping format. It means every financial transaction must have equal and opposite effects in at least two different accounts. It usually stated in debit/credit status. Basically, it is used to satisfy the equation Assets = Liabilities + Equity, in which each entry is recorded to maintain the relationship. This double-entry system is used by people to ease their accounting and financial report. Because all values will be placed in particular accounts to be pulled in income, cash flow, balance sheet and equity report. Spreadsheets that you download has no automatic financial reporting tool. It is used to record financial transaction only. To have those values calculated automatically, you may need the Integrated Accounting System for Trading/Retail Business spreadsheet where this spreadsheet is part of it.
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System RequirementsMicrosoft Excel 2007