Profit and Loss Statement Template

Profit and Loss Statement Template is an Excel template to prepare company's reports. It is also called income statement. It is used to measure company's financial performance during particular accounting period. A company will be stated profitable if it yielded profit at the end of that accounting period. If this report shows loss calculation, then company's board of commissioners and directors will be warned to take necessary actions to improve their company performance. If you are accounting people, you may know that this report can't stand alone to decide the company's future. There are other important financial report which usually accompany this profit and loss statement, like balance sheet and cash flow report. Also, there are financial ratios which usually must be calculated to value its business. But, from sales and marketing point of view, income statement is a number one factor to measure how its sales and marketing performance. Profit and Loss Statement template is part of Integrated Accounting System for Retail/Trading Business where you can generate all of those financial report based on Accounting Journal data. This template only provides profit and loss table with customized format where the data have to be filled manually. There is one worksheet to pull data you fill in those table and one worksheet where you can personalize your income statement report based on your own company's format.
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