Petal Invoice

An Invoice Generating Software for those who always wished to have simple ones to quickly generate and save the invoices for orders made by their business clients or customers. It is just enough to make invoice, store them on PC. Sometimes we search for software tools which would make our work easy but got stuck with complex software, learning which becomes difficult in itself. This might happened with you when you wanted to have an invoice software which should perform its basic function but it may have complicated things. Try Petal Invoice, which simply: â?¢ Generates Invoices â?¢ Save them on your local disk â?¢ Generates and saves payment receipt. Simple & sober. Highlighting feature of Petal Invoice: Why would you wanted to have Petal Invoice Installed on your computer system. We will give you reason: 1. It justifies its name - simply generates invoice without any further hassle. 2. Has least dependency and gives freedom to create invoices with relevant quick data. 3. Automatically saves generated invoices 4. Allows you to charge tax or offer discount on each individual item of the order. 5. Along with tax and discount on individual ordered item, discount or tax on complete bill can also be made. 6. Offers two modes of discount - Flat Discount (in valid currency) & Discount Percentage. 7. Shows balance due when partial payment for the order is made by customer. 8. Has provision to generate payment receipts for payment made by customers or clients. 9. It is windows based hence works offline 10. Keeps Customer Information Saved 11. Invoice header is customizable based on the credentials of your own business or company. The major idea of Petal Invoice is to let the user hurriedly fill all the customer order information and on click, generates the invoice. Major information that software uses for invoice generation are: 1. Customers Name 2. Invoice Number, reference Number (if any) 3. Billing & Shipping Address 4. Customer Contact Number 5. Driver's Contact Number who will be carrying the order 6. List of the product items being ordered. 7. Taxes, discounts on single item or complete order made. 8. Fields showing sub-total, total, total discount, amount paid and balance due. 9. Comments & notes for internal use and for customer. All the features are placed together in proper flow to solve the purpose of the software i.e. generation of invoice.
Price USD 19
License Free to try
File Size 465.5 kB
Operating System Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows XP
System Requirements None