Financial Calculator

This program has 11 parts for 11 different financial calculations. By this program, you could calculate financial calculations more accurate than normal programs. This program shows large numbers completely rather than in exponential form. However, still there are some limits; for example, very large numbers (more than 10000 digits) cannot be accepted as an input data. Some calculations also cannot be done with even much fewer digits too. It's because of some limits for some computer calculations. You could translate this program into any language that you prefer. You have to use one of the official languages of this program to know how exactly putting the translation text lines. You have to write all corresponding lines in order in a text file which saved in UTF-8 type. Text files in UTF-8 type help to store all characters from any language. However, "View Help" and "About this program" will be retained in English. This program uses the default font of your system. However, since fonts are not compatible with all languages, if your language is not displayed correctly, change the default font of your system. You could save the result of the calculation into the output file or save it into the database of the program, which is on top of each section. You could change the text color of the output file (except simple text files which cannot have any color). If you click the database, you could see a list of items, which added to the database. Every new item will be added to end of the database and you could set the same name to items too. Although that is not recommended. This program uses two types of commission or rate. One of them is in percent (%) and another one is in quantity ($). In quantity, always a fixed amount is the quantity of commission or rate but in percent type, it depends on your amount.
Price 0
License Free
File Size 11.74 MB
Version 6.0
Operating System Windows NT Windows 2003 Windows XP Windows Server 2008 Windows 7 Windows 10 Windows Vista Windows Me Windows 2000 Windows Windows 8 Windows 98
System Requirements Java 8 (JRE 1.8) or higher