WorkFlow Invoices and Statements â?¢ Do you charge time to your customers? â?¢ Do you on-sell parts or materials to you customers? â?¢ Is your current invoice method inaccurate, too time consuming, too complex or too expensive? â?¢ Does your current administration have poor or no statistical reporting? â?¢ Do you loose on chargeout time because time-keeping is too time consuming? Then WorkFlow might be for you. WorkFlow is the Time & Material tracking system that produces Invoices and Statements in seconds. It is easy to use and accurate. It will let you keep track of payments and outstanding jobs or accounts. WorkFlow can work on one PC, a Local Area Network, or a Wide Area Network spanning multiple branches around the globe, all for the same extremely economical price. Take the amount of money you make on an average job charged out to your customer. Now imagine that recording the entire job progress, time keeping, material charges, and the generation of the invoice will cost you...... $0.20 (USD) and you will understand where WorkFlow gets its popularity from! WorkFlow is very simple to use, yet bolsters an extremely rich feature list: - Customer database - Time and Material tracking - Generates Customisable Invoices - Generates Customisable Statements - Administer multiple Companies - Easy to install. - Easily customisable (including for different countries, currencies, etc.) - Easy to use. - Customisable Standard Reporting - Open database for Customer Reporting (templates of Standard Reports are provided - Scalable from one PC to many, including across Wide Area Network - Runs on any version of Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 - Extraordinary economical to use! Interested? We invite you to have a 30 day free test ride! If you wish to continue to use WorkFlow, you must purchase credits (at 20 cents per job) to actually enter jobs into the system. If you wish to install WorkFlow on additional PCs on your network you can do so FREE OF CHARGE. You never pay a cent as long as the installation is used for updating and reporting on already entered jobs. The only restriction is that they can't enter new jobs unless you purchase credits for them like you did for the first installation. Yes. You only ever pay the low fee of 20 cent per Job, irrespective of how many PCs you have in your organization accessing the WorkFlow system.
Price USD 0.2
License Free to try
File Size 64.87 MB
Version 1.10
Operating System Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows NT, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows XP
System Requirements None