Purchase Order Template with AutoInvoice Tool

Does you business sell any supplies to other businesses or do you purchase any supplies for your business? Are you tired searching through the catalogues each and every time you need to purchase something for your company? Managing your orders will never be easier after trying our free Purchase Order Template that is designed to work with any major spreadsheet program and lets you to create your own purchase order forms. How to use Purchase Order Template in my business? If your business selling supplies to the customers by phone, fax or e-mail - few simple settings of Purchase Order Worksheet allows you to create a Template for each customer, with customer account number for easy identification and address. All you need to do is: create a Purchase Order Template with necessary customer details, send it to the customer and ask your customers to print and send you only an Order Page each time they have to purchase any supplies. Excel Purchase Order Spreadsheet is equipped with Instant Invoice tool that automatically generates Sales Invoice for the ordered supplies, so if you are the customer then you wont have to wait for your Invoice to pay it off or if you are a Vendor then the only job you have to do is to e-mail or post it to your customer. The template is also set to calculate the delivery cost that is directly dependant on the amount of you purchase and discount deduction that is also dependant on the total cost of the full order. You can simply set or change both, delivery cost and discount deduction by entering necessary amounts on the Settings page or enter "0" if you do not want to use it. Current settings of purchase order workbook will also automatically calculate your Sales Tax or VAT and add it to the Total Cost of the order. Purchase Order Template for Excel can be a real help when placing you orders with almost any supplier. Simple settings allows you to enter all necessary details as for the Vendor as well as your self as a customer. With help of the integrated Instant Invoice tool that automatically generates the Sales Invoice for you, will save you a huge amount of time and help to make or receive payments even quicker. You can download and use or free purchase order template only for your personal use.
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