Flexible Rates Easily set how much to charge per hour depending on the time of day, day of the week, and calendar date. Manhour's Rate Editor lets you build your rate structure in layers using simple rules and options. Your rate structure can be as simple or complex as you need. Automatic Time & Fee Tracking Start recording when you start work, stop recording when you stop- Manhour automatically tracks how much time you've spent working and calculates your fees using your custom rates. Spend your time on billable hours, not time-billing management. Custom Billing Block Sizes Decide for yourself what time increments to bill in. Bill in full hours, minutes or seconds- it's up to you. Task Tracking Keep track of tasks performed while recording billable time, or after the fact. Enter a task description into Manhour's Current Task Field to associate recorded time blocks with a particular task performed- the Current Task Field remembers recent tasks, and lets you select them from a drop-down menu.Address Book Integration Manhour uses your Mac's system Address Book when assigning clients to projects, avoiding duplication of contact information. View client contact details directly within Manhour's Info Drawer, while editing through Address Book's familiar interface, at the click of a button. Log Editing and Viewing Manhour keeps a detailed log of time blocks recorded, and gives you a breakdown of billable blocks so you can see what rate was used for a particular block of time, and how much that block was worth. Compile your work logs into daily totals, or view each individual time block. Edit recorded time so your records accurately reflect work performed... at or away from your Mac. Data Exporting Export work logs as CSV files easily imported into spreadsheets and other applications for record-keeping and invoicing purposes. Print or save (as PDF or portable plain text) in a well-formatted human-readable format so your clients can see what you're billing for. Status Bar Menu Start and stop recording directly from your Mac's status bar for minimal interruption to your workflow. The status bar item also displays the total time recorded, total billable time, or total fee.
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