MarketAnalyst X is a Mac OS X application that enables you to keep track of stocks, options, indexes, and mutual funds in portfolios, graph single and multiple graphs all in real time. Max supports customizable alerts and also includes a number of built in analasys tools including an Options Calculator, Max Pain technical indicator, Level 2 quotes, and streaming quotes. Version 2.0 and greater also include Trading System, a powerful built in scripting language, MaxScript, which allows you to create your own technical indicators, easily create your own graphs, and simulate trades. You can back test scripts over historical data to refine your analasys and run them in real time. MarketAnalyst X is aimed at short term investors, day traders, and those interested in technical analysis to help guide you in your decision making. MarketAnalyst X can help you keep track of your holdings in portfolios, graphs your stocks, gather and log real-time quotes, graph in real time, do some Technical analysis on the single chart graphs with Bollinger bands, MACD, stochastic, RSI, Moving averages and Fibonacci. The download includes two monts of historical intraday data for 12 stocks and indexes from January and February, 2003. How can I use "MAX"? Keep track of different holdings, and have a watch list of stocks you?re following. MarketAnalyst X will give you performance for all your holdings or a specific portfolio. Watch real time quotes though the ticker window that floats above all apps. Use the option calculator to compute Black-Scholes model for options Use option calculator to see a graph of depreciation of your options (days/price and price/price to see what happens if underlying stock price changes) Draw real time graphs Go back in time and graph past data. Use the technical analysis toolbox to modify values for MA, Bollinger bands, Stochastic, RSI, and MACD Draw Fibonacci retracements on your graphs (real time or not) and support lines
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Version 2.0
Operating System Macintosh Mac OS X 10.3 Mac OS X 10.2
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  • Mac OS X 10.2 or higher