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FinKit is a multi-function financial calculator that lets you solve all sorts of problems involving the time value of money. The freeware version provides seventeen different calculations:Effective RatesEquivalent RatesPeriodic to Annual RatesInflation and TaxesFind RateSingle PaymentMultiple PaymentsAnnuityPerpetuityAmortizationSinking FundLeaseCredit CardsSavingsWithdrawalsTime between DatesInterest between DatesMost of the calculations let you view details such as amortization shedules. Saved results can be imported in any program that can read tab-delimited text.FinKit can be used as a currency independent application. To make things easier for European users who still like to think in their "old" currencies it does currency conversions between the currencies of the Economic and Monetary Union on the fly. FinKit is very easy to use. It's a calculator without a "Calculate" button: what you see is what is calculated!
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License Free
File Size 898.44 kB
Version 1.2.3
Operating System Mac OS Classic Macintosh
System Requirements
  • Mac OS 8.5 or higher
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