Financial calculator that solves all sorts of problems involving the time value of money. Choose from 55 financial calculations: Assets: capitalized cost - classic and MACRS depreciation Bonds: bond book value, duration, price and yield - zero-coupon bond price and yield Dates: term date - date series - year fraction - time between dates - periods and dates - bank holidays Interest: simple, actuarial and compound interest between dates - compound interest factors Life: probability - pure endowment - whole life annuity - temporary life annuity - whole life insurance - temporary life insurance - temporary endowment insurance Loans & Leases: installment loan - rule of 78 - balloon payment loan - interest only loan - fixed principal loan - sinking fund loan - prepaid interest loan - extra principal payments - credit cards - equipment lease Options: option price - implied volatility Payments: single and periodic payments Rates: effective and equivalent rates - periodic to annual rates - inflation and taxes - find rate Miscellaneous: annuity - perpetuity - savings - sinking fund - periodic and fractional withdrawals - investmentsLocalized in English, French, Italian and Dutch.
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