XPM Oracle

XPM-Oracle is one of the important functional groups of the XPM Platform. It analyzes Oracle's performance, traffic analysis, and optimization recommendations by analyzing every Oracle SQL in the network traffic in real time. Compared with traditional Oracle analysis products, XPM-Oracle's biggest advantage is that it is truly agentless, interference-free, and highly real-time. It is a safe, efficient and loosely coupled technical solution. Oracle-XPM application scenarios include: alerting the Oracle service to handle latency exceptions; and can drill into SQL that causes an increase in latency. Alerts Oracle SQL to a non-zero return code ratio exception; and can drill into SQL that results in a non-zero return code rate increase. Top ranking of the SQL with the longest processing time in a specific time period. Top ranking of SQL with the highest proportion of non-zero return codes during a specific time period. Query the processing delay, return code, and SQL content of a specific SQL. Below, there is something you might need to know about the XPM platform. XPM is a commercial quality performance management & traffic analysis solution, it can help users achieve fine-grained performance monitoring and traffic analysis for service chains, application components, databases and networks. Scenarios include: early warning of service quality degradation, fast fault location, fault liability division, performance optimization suggestions, accident scenario restoration, network traffic backtracking.
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License Free
File Size 902.67 MB
Version 6.0.1
Operating System Linux
System Requirements Ubuntu Server 14.04.3